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Recently Added Items

Interview: Dale Casteel

Screen Shot 2024-02-14 at 5.40.06 PM.jpeg

Dale Casteel, interview with Burgin Mathews, recorded over the telephone, February 10, 2024. A founding member of the Alabama Ramblers, Casteel…

Playlist: The Alabama Ramblers

Alabama Ramblers Cover.jpg

The complete surviving tracks for the Alabama Ramblers. Additional information and lyrical excerpts follow the track listing, below. Track 1: Seasick…

The Alabama Ramblers: Mother's Day Poem / M-O-T-H-E-R (A Word That Means the World to Me) / Closing Theme

Alabama Ramblers Blank Label.jpg

Recorded excerpt from a Mother's Day broadcast by the Alabama Ramblers. Includes a company member's original poem and a performance by Dale Casteel of…

Alabama Ramblers: Writing Love Letters

Alabama Ramblers- Writing Love Letters Label.jpg

The Alabama Ramblers, "Writing Love Letters." Vocals by Bobby Jane Croley, "The Ramblers' Sweetheart." “I found I couldn’t mail them, so I burned…

The Alabama Ramblers: Waiting for a Letter

Alabama Ramblers Blank Label.jpg

The Alabama Ramblers, "Waiting for a Letter." Vocals by the Hudson brothers. “Yearning for a message, one from you my dearest, please / I’m waiting…

The Alabama Ramblers: Gray-Haired Mother of Mine / Make Room in Your Heart for a Friend

Alabama Ramblers- Gray Haried Mother, Make Room in Your Heart Label.jpg

The Alabama Ramblers: "Gray-Haired Mother of Mine" and "Make Room in Your Heart for a Friend" “Back in my home in Alabama, where a gray-haired mother…

The Alabama Ramblers: Steel Guitar Rag / Open Door, Open Arms / Interviews

Alabama Ramblers- Steel Guitar Rag Label.jpg

The Alabama Ramblers, "Steel Guitar Rag" and "Open Door, Open Arms." Steel guitar and vocal by J. W. Hudson. “Open door, open arms wait for your safe…

The Alabama Ramblers: Away From You / Where the Soul of Man Never Dies (Canaan's Land)

Alabama Ramblers, Seasick Blues label.jpg

The Alabama Ramblers, "Away from You" and "Where the Soul of Man Never Dies" (AKA "Canaan's Land"). Vocals by J. W. Hudson. “I’d like to send this…

The Alabama Ramblers: Missing in Action / The Family Who Prays

Alabama Ramblers, Seasick Blues label.jpg

The Alabama Ramblers, "Missing In Action" and "The Family Who Prays." Two popular songs of the Korean War years. "Missing in Action," written by…

The Alabama Ramblers: "Seasick Blues" (Acetate Disc)

Alabama Ramblers, Seasick Blues label.jpg

The Alabama Ramblers, "The Seasick Blues." Composed by J. W. Hudson, Franklin Hampton, and Bob Grigsby. Vocals by J. W. Hudson and Bob…