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Additional Resources

For further music research, the SMRC suggests the following online resources.

Numerous archival institutions around the world are doing essential work in preserving the musical heritage and history of humanity. The list below highlights, in particular, a few favorite sites which maintain their own robust online collections, accessible to anyone with an internet collection. If you'd like to recommend an addition to this list, you can email us at contact@southernmusicresearch.org.

Alabama Folklife Collection

Birmingham Black Radio Museum

Birmingham Record Collectors

Blue Ridge Heritage Archives

Chunklet Industries

Country Music Hall of Fame Digital Archive

Cornell Hip Hop Collection

D. C. Punk Archive

Digital Library of Appalachia

Dolceola Recordings

Dollar Country

Field Recorders' Collective 


Garage Hangover

Hip Hop Radio Archive

The Honking Duck

The Isaiah Thomas Broadside Ballads Project

The Johny Quincy Wolf Collection of Ozark Folksongs

Library of Congress

The Lomax Digital Archive

Louis Armstrong House Museum Virtual Exhibits

The Max Hunter Folk Song Collection

Punk Flyers at Cornell

Recorded Sound Archive: Judaic Collection

Slippery Hill

Southern Field Recordings (Shape Note Singing)

Southern Folklife Collection

Southern Punk Archive

Square Dance History Project

The Strachwitz Frontera Collection of Mexican and Mexican American Recordings

State Archives of Florida: Audio Collections

Texas Jukebox Project

University of Mississippi Blues Archives