In Memoriam


In Memoriam


A collection of funeral programs and other print tributes, presented in remembrance of beloved musicians.

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Mary Mataw Clarke ( 18--? -1968)
Funeral program for Mary Mataw Clarke of Birmingham, Alabama. Clarke was a pianist; music teacher; organist and director of music at Birmingham's prestigious Sixteenth Street Baptist Church; and the matriarch of one of her city's most prominent…

Otha Turner (1908-2003) and Bernice Turner Pratcher (1954-2003)
Funeral program for fife player Otha Turner (1908-2003) and drummer Bernice Turner Pratcher (1954-2003), Como, Mississippi. Both father and daughter, bearers of the family's distinctive fife and drum tradition, died on February 27, 2003.


Earnest Mostella (1908-2003)
Funeral program for fiddler and instrument maker John Earnest Mostella (1908-2003), Ashville, Alabama.

Program provided by Frank Philips.

Mary Alice Clarke Stollenwerck (1911-1999)
Funeral program for Mary Alice Clarke Stollenwerck: pianist, organist, accordionist, vibraphonist, choir director, and teacher; Birmingham, Alabama, 1911-1999.

Courtesy Carol Clarke.

J. L. Lowe (1913-1998)
Funeral program for James Leroy (J. L.) Lowe: musician, educator, and champion of the Birmingham jazz tradition (1913-1998), Birmingham, Alabama.

Sun Ra (1914-1993)
Homegoing Program for Sun Ra: bandleader, composer, poet-philosopher (1914-1993), Birmingham, Alabama.

Erskine Hawkins (1914-1993)
Funeral program for bandleader Erskine Ramsey Hawkins (1914-1993), Birmingham, Alabama.

Amos Gordon (1914-1992)
Program for "Remembering 'Flash'": a jazz musical tribute honoring master musician and educator Amos Franklin "Flash" Gordon, Carver Theater, Birmingham, Alabama, 1996.The multi-page program includes biographical details, personal tributes, photos,…

Charles "Chuck" Clarke (1920-1990)
Funeral program for jazz musician Charles "Chuck" Clarke (1920-1990), Birmingham, Alabama.

Program provided by Carol Clarke.

Jessie Mae Hemphill (1923-2006)
Funeral program for Jessie Mae Hemphill (1923-2006): blues and gospel singer, songwriter, drummer, and guitarist, and a bearer of north Mississippi's fife and drum tradition, Senatobia, Mississippi.

Program provided by Adam Lore.

James "Son" Thomas (1926-1993)
Funeral program for blues musician and visual artist James "Son" Thomas (1926-1993), Leland, Mississippi.

Program provided by Frank Philips.

Dr. Frank E. Adams, Sr. (1928-2014)
Funeral program for jazz musician and educator Frank E. Adams, Sr. ("Doc," 1928-2014), Birmingham, Alabama.

Jerry "Boogie" McCain (1930-2012)
Funeral program for blues musician Jerry "Boogie" McCain (1930-2012), Gadsden, Alabama.

Program provided by Frank Phillips.

Henry Lee "Gip" Gipson (1931-2019)
Funeral program for Henry Lee "Gip" Gipson, Sr.: blues musician and proprietor of Gip's Place, the Bessemer, Alabama, juke joint (1931-2019).

Cleveland "Cleve" Eaton (1939-2020)
Funeral program for jazz bassist Cleveland"Cleve" Josephus Eaton (1939-2020), Birmingham, Alabama.

Sam Frazier, Jr. (1943-2021)
Funeral program for blues and country singer, songwriter, and harmonica player Sam Frazier, Jr. (1943-2021), Edgewater, Alabama.

Arthur Doyle (1944-2014)
Funeral program for jazz saxophonist Arthur Roy Doyle (1944-2014), Birmingham, Alabama.

Rickey Powell (1948-2022)
Funeral program for vocalist Sylvester Rickey Powell (1948-2022), Birmingham, Alabama.

Sara Carter Bayes Memorial Issue, Sunny Side Sentinel (1979)
This April 1979 memorial issue from The Sunny Side Sentinel, official publication of the Carter Family Fan Club, remembers Sara Carter Bayes (1898-1979), a founding member of the pioneering country music trio. Included in the issue are photos and…
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